A heterogeneous vinyl sheet flooring features the look of travertine and concrete with group T wear resistance, available in 2m wide and 2 thickness options — 2.0 (0.55)mm and 2.0 (0.7) mm for heavy traffic applications with various budgets. Benefit from the solid backing, its residual indentation is excellent( ≤0.22mm, ISO 105-B02)and no obvious sign on the floor surface after removal of constant load. The direct printing technology contributes long lasting colors to the collection (color fastness is ≥7,ISO 105-B02) total 28 colors available. It is also part of the Armstrong CONTINUUM™ system –products designed to coordinate in both color and design.

Perspectives® is protected by a low-maintenance, Diamond 10TM coating and complies with REACH. Its VOC emission is ≤45µg/m3 with FloorScore® certified and eligible to LEED® credit.

Type of floor covering EN 649 HeterogeneousVinyl Sheet
Manufactured in   Asia
Polyurethane reinforced   Diamond 10TM
Fire resistance/Flammability EN 13501-1 Bfl -s1
Dynamic coefficient of friction EN 13893 DS
Roll width EN 426 2m
Roll length EN 426 15/20m
Overall thickness EN 428 2.0mm
Wear layer thickness EN 429 0.55/0.7mm
Product weight EN 430 3.3/3.38kg/m2
Wear resistance EN 649 Group T
Residual indentation EN 433 ≤0.02mm
Dimensional stability EN 434 X:<0.4% , Y:<0.4%
Color fastness ISO 105-B02 ≥7
Resistant to staining EN 423 Good resistance


K6202-08A 0.55 mm, K6902-08A 0.7 mm

K6202-07A 0.55 mm, K6902-07A 0.7 mm

K6202-06A 0.55 mm, K6902-06A 0.7 mm

K6202-03A 0.55 mm, K6902-03A 0.7 mm

K6202-02A 0.55 mm, K6902-02A 0.7 mm

K6202-04A 0.55 mm, K6902-04A 0.7 mm

K6202-05A 0.55 mm, K6902-05A 0.7 mm

K6202-01A 0.55 mm, K6902-01A 0.7 mm

K6204-03A 0.55 mm, K6904-03A 0.7 mm

K6204-02A 0.55 mm, K6904-02A 0.7 mm

K6204-01A 0.55 mm, K6904-01A 0.7 mm

K6203-03A 0.55 mm, K6903-03A 0.7 mm

K6203-02A 0.55 mm, K6903-02A 0.7 mm

K6203-01A 0.55 mm, K6903-01A 0.7 mm


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